Land Planning is the First Step Toward Sustainability

Collapsed retaining wall

Why Building in the Mountains Requires Serious Land Planning I recently read through the 2015 WNC Green Builders Council directory.  It’s a good way to see what our conscientious colleagues are up to out there in the world.  It’s also a great way to absorb some fresh enthusiasm and keep up with the latest trends … Read More


Site Selection

Selecting building site in TN

Site Selection Site selection is undoubtedly the least well-considered and potentially problematic aspect of new residential construction. Put simply, site selection is the most important factor in determining how well your home fits your land. Site selection ultimately influences how you will access your home, how your privacy, landscaping and recreational space will evolve, what … Read More


Introduction to Integrated Land Management

Folks often ask “What is Integrated Land Management?”  Since this is a brand hammer new blog I can think of no better opportunity to explain the basics of ILM, the heart of our approach to land management in the Southern Appalachians. So here goes.  ILM is based on four simple principles.

1.  Education
2.  Planning
3.  Consolidation
4.  Bio-mimicry