Driveway Repair and Maintenance by V & V Land Management

Many things have been affected adversely by the inordinate amount of rain our region has received this year.  Probably the most inconvenient and expensive has been the washing out and collapsing of private driveways.

Keeping the Water off the Driving Surface is Key to Successful Driveway Maintenance

Driveways constructed with incorrect crown and camber are incapable of shedding water quickly enough into drainage ditches.  Often ditches are too small, clogged or missing altogether.  Water that is allowed to accumulate in both volume and velocity becomes capable of cutting it’s own path, even on a graveled driving surface.

A Common Driveway Repair – Correctly Sized Drainage Culverts

One of the principle problems that has arisen with the increased rainfall is water overflowing drainage culverts.  Culverts must be sized to cope with the extreme weather we have seen, otherwise water will over shoot leading to erosion and damage, and in some cases the loss of driveway access completely.

V&V Land Management Offers Driveway Repair

At V&V we do not offer patch jobs or bandaids.  We assess your driveway needs based on the potential for extreme weather and plan with you to repair a driveway as a long-term solution, aiming for durability and low maintenance.

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