How do we charge?

We charge by the hour, the acre or the job depending on your preference. A mileage charge will apply for distances above 60 miles.

Will we demonstrate?

Yes, for large jobs we will bring our equipment to your site and demonstrate for no charge. For smaller jobs we periodically hold group demonstrations for interested parties.

What size trees?

We can mulch trees as large as 18”diameter, though 2’-10’ is our optimal cutting range for live, standing timber.

What about the stumps?

We mulch the stumps flush with the ground as part of the mastication process. If we can mulch the tree we can mulch the stumps!

What about the mulch?

Whenever possible the mulch is spread evenly over the cutting area. The mulch both prohibits the growth of unwanted vegetation, and provides valuable nutrients and organic matter for your topsoil.

How many acres a day?

We can mulch between 1/2 to 2 acres in a day, depending on the size of the material and the steepness of the terrain. On a dry day we can mulch on slopes up to 40 degrees.

Can I keep some trees?

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of indigenous flora. We are sensitive to the concerns of our clients and will take the time to identify and flag trees and areas to be left undisturbed.

What else can we do?

We have other heavy duty attachments and will be happy to bring the necessary equipment for your job.

What are your deliver charges?

We charge $2.25/mile with a $75 minimum. Local contracts of 3 days or longer, or regional contracts of long duration may be negotiable.

What is your service area?

Check out the bottom of this page for a list of areas in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and South Carolina. If you live in this region, but don’t see your town listed, please contact us to determine if we service your area.