Outdoor Enhancements Made of Stone

Water feature asheville
Bench in Natural Water Feature

Interested in upgrading the appearance, function and value of your home?  Consider a V&V hardscape.  We design and build dramatic, durable hardscapes of all types and sizes including: patios, walls and gardens, fire circles, grottos, water features and more.

Our unique hardscape designs incorporate the finest hand-picked stone in the service of beauty and function.  We are deeply dedicated to traditional masonry techniques, as well as the thoughtful incorporation of modern elements such as steel, glass and lighting.  Let us upgrade your living experience.  Call or Email for an on-line portfolio.

An Attractive Hardscape Integrates Your Home Into the Mountains

Dry laid Crab Orchard Slab Patio

A well-designed and constructed hardscape provides social and sacred space, gardening opportunity and access improvement, while meeting functional challenges such as correct drainage and slope retention.  Beautiful in all seasons, hardscapes are permanent and require little or no maintenance.

In combination with thoughtful plantings, our stone creations provide natural playgrounds, dining and meditation areas, as well as outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing.  A water feature can literally become an oasis for birds, pollinators, small mammals and reptiles.  In some cases, we are able to modify and improve existing land features such as, streams, springs or drainages, using materials available on site.

Hardscapes Requires Muscle

Water Feature , Asheville
Water Feature With Steel Planter

Proper hardscaping requires heavy lifting and the ability to work to scale.  We often encounter and reconstruct failing hardscapes installed without proper design input, skill or muscle.  We’ve  developed a working philosophy, Integrated Land Management, that assists us in providiing superior service in aspects of good hardscaping including: planning, permitting, materials selection and handling, installation and re-vegetation.

We maintain a full battery of large and small equipment, and are capable of installations from subtle garden accents and sculptural gestures to dramatic crane sets.  We work in multiple states and have compiled one of the most unique and expansive portfolios in the industry.  Want to learn more?  Call or email – we love to show off our original creations and will be happy to spend time with you.

Stone work, Hot Springs
A Little Leverage Goes a Long Way