V&V Will Help You Decide When to Remove a Tree

Following unusually bad weather events, heavy rain, snow, ice or high winds, we often receive a spate of calls for tree removals and running.  Some callers have fallen or damaged trees that require immediate attention.  Many others, however, have suddenly become concerned about trees that are healthy but now seem threatening to their homes – an oak standing majestically against a fading orange sunset is a wholly different experience than the same tree bending and whipping in a 60mph wind.

technical felling
Skillful tree removal

In an effort to assist in deciding if a particular tree is an issue I began preparing to write an article that identified characteristics and conditions in trees that should be pruned or removed.  Luckily my research quickly unearthed a thoughtful article by University of Maryland professor Virginia Williams, “How to Decide When to Remove a Tree”.  Except for failing to address the impact of invasive vegetation on residential trees, a common issue in our area, the article covers all the bases.  No reason to reinvent the wheel, enjoy!