Perhaps no other component of landscaping sets your property apart from the ordinary as much as fine dry-laid stonework.

Stones and boulders laid without mortar, or dry laid, is much more appealing and durable than stone veneer or mortared rock.

The Tradition of Stonework in Appalachia

Quality stonework arrived in our region from centuries ago with skilled European immigrants from England, Scotland,  Ireland and Germany.  Because of the abundance of good stone, stonework has been one of the unique features of the Appalachian landscape.  At V&V we have great respect for this enduring tradition and endeavor to follow the time honored techniques passed down from master to apprentice.  Our walls are correctly footed, fitted, battered and back filled.

Quality Stone and Rock Work Requires Skill and Technique

Rock work is much more than simply stacking rocks on top of one another.  Clients who take the time to learn more about the specific techniques employed in the construction of fine stone work will be rewarded with the most attractive and durable structure available for their specific purpose.

Rock and Stonework Made to Last for Generations

Talk with us.  Visit our former sites and check out the photo gallery.  We are dedicated to leaving behind gorgeous and functional stonework for generations to come.