V&V Offers professional Land Planning Services

Good land planning is one of the greatest cost saving strategies you canLand planning. Asheville adopt.  Formal land planning encourages you to visualize your property and organize multi-stage goals in a systematic way.  Good land planning allows you to view your property and its attributes from a variety of perspectives, from site development to recreational space, from habitat to resource management.

Our unique approach, Integrated Land Management,  invites you to invert the conventional paradigm and visualize your project as complete before you initiate impacts with major financial and environmental consequences.  Once you’ve gotten a feel for your property we can help you even further.  In addition to highly affordable planning and design services, we maintain a professional fleet of heavy equipment.  No need to look for sub-contractors to fulfill your plans, we will transition with you right into implementation.  This closes the communication gap and saves time and money.

Rural Land Requires Long-Term Planning

Many of our clients are leaving urban environments and require help transitioning to their new rural lives.  Purchasing and managing tracts of land 5,10, or even a 100 times larger than their former properties can be daunting and expensive.  Simple mistakes in things as basic as pasture fencing, barn or road placement or pond building can quickly exhaust a budget, as well as create long-term management and environmental issues.  It’s our goal to help you realistically plan for long-term success and avoid common mistakes.  By guiding you through the basics of Integrated Land Management and connecting you with important resources you gain confidence and elevate your land management IQ.

Good Land Planning is Your Education

land planning map
Soils Profile Map

V&V provides site design, digital mapping, timber assessments, soil and watershed analysis, aerial photography, historical research and old fashioned “boots on the ground” investigation.  We will help you truly get a feel for a particular property and its unique attributes.

Budgeting becomes more important on larger acreages.   Visualization and planning tools are essential to success.  Once a broad understanding of your land and project is achieved we can help you move forward by providing expert forestry and agricultural assistance as well as complete site development and project management.  We even offer Surveying, Geo-technical and Civil Engineering services, as well as design and permitting assistance.  We can help you begin and complete your project smoothly, without the delays, mistakes, stress and cost over-runs that plague much of the site work in our field.

Good Land Planning and Good Stewardship are the Same Thing

We work and live in one of the worlds most abundant and fragile bio-regions.  Landowners of the future will take greater responsibility for the choices they make, as these small decisions ultimately create larger impacts which affect us all, just as polluted streams equal polluted rivers.  Poor land planning ALWAYS costs more.

aerial photography
Aerial View

The expansion of regulatory bodies and structures, as well as their associated costs, are the direct result of poor landowner education and stewardship.  Sadly, they are not as effective as good initial education and planning.  Poor land planning literally “breaks the bank.”  From badly sited roads and homes to devastating timber harvests, failing walls to incorrect pond construction, we’ve seen it all.  All of it is expensive, difficult to fix and constitutes poor stewardship and inadequate planning.

Do it Right the First Time

The choices you make with regard to your land will have significant consequences on many aspects of your life – financial, recreational, environmental, social etc.  Before you purchase, develop or alter your property, learn more.  Talk with us about Integrated Land Management, and how we can help you achieve your goals in a cost effective and sustainable way.