Low Altitude Aerial Photography is One of the Best Land Planning Tools Available

aerial photography
Flying the camera

V&V Land Management offers customized low altitude aerial photography and video services.  For years we have offered this service as part of our standard digital mapping.  Many clients, especially developers, realtors and those with larger acreages, found the photography and video particularly useful and inspiring.  For this reason we now offer it as a separate service in Western North Carolina and East Tennessee.

See Your Land From a Unique Perspective

aerial photography
Controlled aerial photography

High resolution aerial photography and video employs cutting edge imaging technology previously available only to the military.  These innovations can greatly assist project planning and development on a residential and commercial scale.

Timber can be assessed with greater speed and accuracy.  Site development can be better designed, executed and monitored. For stream restoration projects and trail construction aerial video saves time and gives a unique birds’ eye view.  On extremely overgrown properties aerial photography often allows the only window of perspective.

Traditional on-line satellite imagery yields only a fraction of the information good aerial photography provides and does not allow for before/after sequencing or detailed investigation.

Aerial Video is an Amazing Marketing Tool for Real Estate Professionals

For absentee property owners aerial photography can be a tremendous communication tool.  Land planners, contractors and landowners can work off the “same page” regardless of location.  This is to say nothing about its value to real estate sales and marketing.  Prospective buyers can investigate properties much more rapidly and often more thoroughly.  In the not-too-distant future an aerial presentation will be a basic component of real estate marketing.  Aerial photography and video also creates amazing documentation.  A phase series or simple “before/after” shots will forever remind you of your efforts and your land’s evolution.

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