We Take Pride in the Successful Completion of Small Projects

One question we are asked with regularity is, “Do you work on properties as small as mine?”  The answer is always YES.  While we often tackle large demanding restoration and mitigation projects, we also take great pride in the planning and execution of small projects.

curbOur smaller forestry mulching and excavation equipment is a fantastic way to tackle residential small projects such as: invasive plant removal, drainage improvement, lot clearing, underbrushing, tree work or landscaping etc.  V&V is one of the only land service companies in the country that offers total project services.  Small projects give us an opportunity for immediate gratification.  There is perhaps nothing as satisfying as excitement of a home owner whose entire property has undergone a successful transformation in just a few short hours.  Often we can schedule and complete small projects inside a week in our base service area.

Small Forestry Mulching Projects

Small projects - residential underbrushing
Underbrushing, Asheville NC

There are many reasons to organize a single day of forestry mulching.  For urban residential clients a day or less of forestry mulching can generally accomplish all goals.  Our smaller forestry mulching equipment is extremely maneuverable and precise.  Our operators are trained to maximize safety and minimize undesirable site impacts.  We specialize in “realty presentations” for those who have homes or lots for sale.  We open up  yard space for recreation, creek access, landscaping and views, as well as additional home construction.  We clear fence lines, remove invasive vegetation, reduce fire loads and can even help you plan your project, start to finish.

Small projects are a wonderful way to see Integrated Land Management in action, interweaving our various service teams, equipment and land strategies. No question is too insignificant, no property too small.  Please contact us if we can help you.  Initial consultations are free