V&V is Your Choice for Commercial Property Maintenance

Many businesses and industries, both large and small, possess unimproved acreage requiring periodic maintenance.  These unimproved and brushy areas are not merely unsightly, they also constitute security issues, fire hazards, and potential environmental or zoning violations.  Proper maintenance of these commercial property areas can provide opportunities for employee exercise, congregation and social events.  It can also increase equity and marketability.  Because these lots are generally in commercial zones or in specified municipal districts, any maintenance or improvements beyond bush hogging and mowing usually involve time consuming and expensive permitting, erosion control measures and disposal costs.  Often businesses merely want to get a feel for what they have without initiating complicated and expensive engineering, oversight and excavation procedures.

Forestry Mulching for Commercial Property Maintenance

Foestry mulching near Asheville, North Carolina
Rayco C140 in action

Forestry mulching provides an excellent solution to this dilemma.  Low ground pressure mulching and mowing machines can quickly turn heavy brush and trees up to 10 inches diameter into a protective bed of mulch without disturbing the topsoil or falling within permitting requirements.  Mulch, as well as being the by-product of the technology, has a retarding effect on re-growth and allows for longer maintenance intervals.  There are no sharp stumps or materials that could damage other equipment.  Your commercial property will be usable, attractive and marketable in every way.  V &V also offers comprehensive excavation, landscaping and tree services, as well as digital mapping, for those companies with additional needs.  Call us.  We are happy to craft an affordable commercial property maintenance strategy that reflects the needs of your business