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Habitat preparation requires more than just heavy equipment it demands knowledge and sensitivity.  Whether creating remote food plots for deer and turkey, edge habitat for songbirds or clearing fields for native grass plantings, you will find us in harmony with your goals.  Often major habitat improvements can be made in conjunction with other management tasks with little additional cost input.  Learn how our unique stewardship philosophy (Integrated Land Management) can assist in long-term habitat improvement and maintenance on your property surrounding Asheville, Knoxville, and all of the southeast.

Avid Outdoorsmen Take Habitat Preparation Seriously

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Food plot preparation

At V&V we are more than just service providers – we are avid outdoor enthusiasts who understand your passions.  We have significant experience working with hunters, photographers, bird watchers, wildcrafters and others.  We are knowledgeable about regional silviculture and flora, as well as government agencies and foundations involved in habitat preparation and restoration.  Let us help you maximize your properties potential by thoughtfully planning with you before you begin.  Our specialized forestry mulching equipment, tractors and mowing decks are excellent choices for habitat preparation.  We also offer targeted herbicidal applications for the removal of undesirable vegetation and establishment of native grass plantings (native warm season grasses).

The Right Equipment for Selective Habitat Preparation and Food Plots

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Tracked forestry mulching machines make remote locations and steep terrains accessible.  They are light, maneuverable and can clear selectively without disturbing topsoil or desirable vegetation.  In as little as a day we can clear acres of overgrown fields and four-wheeler trails.  We work in five states and are accustomed to traveling to distant rural properties.  If consulting services are required we are happy to provide basic land planning as well as the latest in digital contour mapping and low-altitude photography, invaluable tools for planning and executing land management strategies.  Please call us. We offer a wide array of services, including ecological assessments, and can assist you with your habitat preparation and food plot needs.

Learn more about your forestry mulching by reviewing our related services or watching our videos.  Feel free to contact us with any Questions.