We Clear Miles of Trails Each Year

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve and enjoy your rural property is a trail system.  Trail systems provide recreational opportunities such as riding, hiking, hunting, running and mountain biking, while adding basic access, equity and marketability to your land.

Faster, Safer Trail Building with Forestry Mulching Equipment

In the past, trail building and maintenance were back breaking and expensive tasks involving days or weeks of chain sawing and brush pulling.  Often the results were less than spectacular, with stumps and roots contributing to treacherous footing, while piles of brush ruined views and elevated fire potential.  With forestry mulching equipment biomass is literally transformed into mulch as we go, stabilizing soils, retarding re-growth and eliminating brush piles.  There are no roots or stumps and the fresh mulch provides soft, tractable footing for all trail activities.

Trails for People and Horses

Landowners with horses will find our custom trails as thoughtfully constructed and rider friendly as any they have ridden.  Transporting horses is dangerous and expensive and consumes hours of valuable riding time.  Even those with as few as five acres can have safe and affordable riding opportunities in their own backyard.  We’ve cut miles of trails over the years and developed unique strategies and shortcuts to speed and improve the process.  With a simple contour map we will help you maximize your properties’ recreational potential.  Our machinery is fast and powerful.  Depending upon material and terrain we can sometimes mulch more than a mile in a single day.  If earthwork, drainage installations and/or bridges are required we can design and build these features in a cost-effective professional manner, often using available resources from your property such as locust, oak and stone.  There is no better way to construct a trail system than forestry mulching.  Estimates are usually free.

Benefits of Correctly Installed Trail Systems

Correctly installed trail systems also function as firebreaks and escape routes, decreasing the likelihood flames can move unabated through wooded or “high fuel” areas.  If you have recently purchased an overgrown or wooded property and simply want the opportunity to explore your new abode a trail system makes perfect sense.

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