What Is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is the single step process by which undesirable vegetation - trees, brush and stumps - is ground into mulch by mobile machinery. The mulch is generally spread as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area. This retards initial re-growth, prevents erosion, and replenishes the topsoil base. Unlike other clearing methods forestry mulching leaves no brush piles. There is no burning and no stripped and scarred land. Damage to "keeper" trees is greatly reduced because forestry mulching protects the vital topsoil layer and delicate "feeder" roots. In fact, rarely is any type of permit or additional erosion control required. The landowner is left with a fresh carpet of mulch, which naturally decomposes into rich topsoil. Forestry mulching can be done in weather that would shut down other technologies. Most importantly, mulching is faster and more cost effective than traditional land clearing methods.

Forestry Mulching is an Important Component of Sustainable Land Management

V & V is founded upon the premise that land management must move towards sustainability if it hopes to keep pace with changes occurring in nearly all related fields. We believe that the public will ultimately decide which new technologies will replace and augment existing ones. Forestry mulching, although not even two decades old, is surpassing conventional land clearing and management strategies so rapidly that proprietary terms such as “Bullhogging” have already found their way into the vernacular. Forestry mulching is now the industry standard for most utility ROW clearing and habitat restoration. It is quickly replacing traditional "scrape, haul, burn" clearing practices as municipalities tighten regulations and oversight and work toward more attractive ends.

Choose V & V, an Experienced Forestry Mulching Company

Forestry mulching is our specialty and the basis upon which many of our services are organized. We have thousands of hours of hard-earned experience in the difficult and varied terrains of the Appalachian Mountains and surrounding area. We have developed and refined strategies for forestry mulching on even the most difficult properties and have worked closely with equipment manufacturers such to improve technology.  Forestry mulching is now the logical choice for private and commercial property owners, as well as public works projects. Forestry mulching can be done without the complicated permitting, mess and long-term problems associated with conventional clearing methods. From fields to forests there is simply no better or cheaper way to clear your property. If you are interested in forestry mulching we encourage you to do your homework, speak with previous customers, and visit completed job sites. Learn more about your options by reviewing our underbrushing, field restoration, pasture restoration, site prep, lot clearing, invasive plant removal, storm damage & disaster cleanup, timber slash cleanup, trail building, commercial property maintenance services and more. We think you’ll be impressed.