We Love Pasture and Field Restoration

Pasture and field restoration is not only our most popular service, it is one of the most enjoyable to provide.  We live and work on a 300 acre farm and are fully aware of the difficulties associated with restoring rural land in Asheville, Knoxville, and all of the Southeast – top soils are fragile, and sometimes nonexistent, invasive plant species are hugely problematic and tend to colonize bare ground rapidly.  Nonetheless, It is still commonplace to simply scrape unwanted trees and vegetation into piles with a bulldozer or backhoe and burn them (or leave them there).  Although there are isolated instances where we recommend and/or employ this strategy we find the majority of our customers are better served in every regard, including cost, by mulching technology.

Forestry Mulching for Field and Pasture Restoration

  • Often we can mulch in a single day the same amount of biomass other equipment merely windrows or piles.
  • With forestry mulching hauling and noxious burning are eliminated.
  • The land is neither stripped nor compacted and no erosion control, other than the mulch, is necessary.
  • We make tractable footing as we mulch and can generally work in inclement weather without damaging top soils.
  • We have been forestry mulching for over a decade and are the most experienced provider in the Southeast.
  • Forestry mulching gets you closer to your goal of fertile pasture.

Improved Soil Fertility with Forestry Mulching

Pasture restoration/ parrotsville tn
Freshly mulched pasture

The imminent goal of any field or pasture restoration is soil fertility.  It goes without saying that a biomass recovery procedure such as forestry mulching will have a much more beneficial impact on fertility than a biomass removal technology (i.e. a track hoe or a bulldozer).  We believe that virtually any organic matter added to your soil is ultimately beneficial.  We have even found that soils layered with mulch from characteristically acid (low pH) material like pines and cedars self-correct through decomposition and eventually demonstrate far better fertility than pasture cleared with conventional means.  Put simply the mulch and it’s end product, top soil, is as valuable as the cost of the service.

Topsoil is a Precious Commodity in the Southeast

Field and pasture recovery - marshall NC
Field edge recovery – Marshall NC

Topsoil is, after all, the earth’s skin.  Due to its eminent role in carbon sequestration it is an essential component in battling climate change.  Unfortunately, it is an especially rare and valuable commodity in the Southeast.  Generations of tobacco and row-cropping, as well as indiscriminate grazing, have so denuded the regions topsoil that it goes without saying that our field and pasture restoration projects always focus on improving soil fertility and tilth.  In addition to being strong proponents of mulching technology for field and pasture restoration, we are experimenting with natural fertilizers, native grass plantings and intensive rotational grazing as means to speed mulch decomposition.  If you would like to discuss your field and pasture restoration goals or visit completed projects, call or email.  We would love to assist you…..P.S. Read How to manage your mulch.