If current trends are any indication of the direction right-of-way clearing and maintenance are moving then forestry mulching will certainly figure heavily in its future. Though barely fifteen years old, forestry mulching technology is rapidly replacing many traditional practices requiring large hand crews, broad spectrum herbicide applications and multiple machine strategies.

A Shift to Forestry Mulching for Right of Way Clearing

From Texas to British Columbia the right-of-way (ROW) industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in efficiency, quality and cost savings. Forestry mulching equipment, whether mounted on dedicated machinery or multi-functional equipment such as skidsteers and trackhoes, can exceed many times over the linear acreage and quality of conventional clearing methods. No sharp stumps or sapling cuts are left to damage right-of-way maintenance equipment. No debris removal is required and there is little or no disturbance of the topsoil. The mulch provides an attractive, stable ground covering which retards future re-growth.

Experienced Right of Way Clearing with V & V

At V&V we have thousands of hours of mulching under our belts and know exactly what it takes to efficiently and correctly clear ROWs. We operate in six states and maintain full mobile maintenance capabilities. We offer a full range of right of way clearing and maintenance services including; mulching, mowing, bucket work, grading and hand crews. Our operators and ground crews are skilled personnel with extensive safety training. We maintain strict operational standards and have never had an on site accident or injury of any kind. We offer full GIS/GPS capabilities as well as digital contour mapping services. If you have questions regarding right of way clearing please call us. We will be glad to assist you in the most professional manner.

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