Stumps May be Ground, Hauled, Buried or Inoculated

stump removal Asheville
handling a giant stump

Stump removal is a necessary task for many land development and restoration activities.  Large stumps are unsightly, encourage pests such as termites and ants, and decay into unwanted holes.  A stump grinder can remove stumps below grade 8-12”, and will leave the stump on-site as wood chips.  Optional service includes removal of the wood chips and filling of the stump hole with topsoil and seed.  Unlike many stump grinding companies we do not charge by the inch but by the job, so you will know the price before we begin.

For areas where grinding stumps is not appropriate such as building footprints and future tillage we offer full-scale excavation services for the removal and hauling/burial of stumps.

Stump Removal Alternatives

A progressive alternative for hardwood stumps is inoculation with fungal spores for the cultivation of mushrooms.  This accelerates the natural decomposition of the stump while producing many harvests of edible mushrooms such as oyster, shitake etc.  To schedule a stump inoculation site assessment give us a call.

Call V&V Land Management today for all your stump grinding needs. V&V Land Management also provides a variety of tree services including: tree removal, tree clearing, sustainable logging, and tree trimming.