One of the major factors determining the success of a logging operation is the disposal or cleanup of the leftover material (slash).  Timber slash consists not only of tree crowns, limbs and discarded logs, but also damaged standing trees as well as stumps.  Poorly managed timber slash causes more than an unsightly appearance, it lowers equity and marketability, diminishes future timber quality, and contributes to erosion and fire potential.  While it is likely that in the foreseeable future timber slash may have enough value as a “biomass fuel” to bring it into the production loop, it currently remains a problematic inconvenience.

Forestry Mulching for Timber Slash Cleanup

Logging clean up is one of our most popular services.  Over the years we have developed multiple strategies for successfully disposing of timber slash in a cost effective manner.  We have restored even the most devastated properties.  Our forestry mulching equipment, as well as industrial equipment such as tub grinders and whole tree chippers, can quickly turn massive piles of timber slash into valuable mulch, halting erosion, restoring usability, equity and generally leaving behind a manicured appearance.

We mulch stumps and remove damaged and dead trees without harming remaining timber and native vegetation.  For larger acreages it may be to your advantage to employ low-altitude aerial photography and/or our digital mapping services to assess the scope of your project.

Timber Slash to Pasture

Where the goal is to transform a previously logged area into a pasture or glade we can use unwanted timber slash to stabilize and nourish soils, prevent erosion and even improve wildlife habitat.  If you require the removal of large stumps,  road construction or terrain improvements we offer full scale excavation services as well.  We have the skill and experience to guide you through a major land use transition in an affordable, commonsense fashion.  We are committed to improving the quality and sustainability of timbering operations in the Southeast.  If you have a timber slash issue or are considering a timber sale and are concerned about timber slash on your land, give us a call. We would love to assist you.

Learn more about your forestry mulching options by reviewing our underbrushing, field restoration, pasture restoration, site prep, lot clearing, invasive plant removal, storm damage & disaster cleanup, trail building, commercial property maintenance services and more. We think you’ll be impressed.