Professional Tree Clearing Services

V&V Land Management offers professional tree clearing services for Western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina and East Tennessee.  forestry-tree-careWe have a licensed consulting forester with 25 years cat mulcherexperience, and capabilities ranging from single residential take-downs and removals to full-scale mechanical harvesting. We are experienced with lot-clearing, site preparation, insect damage removal, storm damage cleanup, viewscape clearing, fire-load reduction and more.

Evaluating Tree Clearing Choices

We understand that for most of our clients tree clearing and other tree work is unavoidable and that budget is a serious concern.  We believe in educating our clients so they can make choices which are both cost effective and ecologically sound. Trees are always part of a larger ecosystem and their removal has impacts that are far reaching and long term…. How will remaining landscaping fare in their absence? Which trees should not be removed? How can habitat be improved through tree removal? Is this tree healthy?  Does it threaten my house?… These are a few questions among many that often require answers before tree clearing is initiated.

Responsible Tree Clearing Practices

stormdamTree clearing is often undertaken with little regard for ecological impact and aesthetics. The results of poor clearing practices can be seen all over the southeast in the form of scarred land, erosion and the spread of invasive flora. logging3We maintain strict adherence to Best Management Practices (BMPs) and strive for outcomes which elevate the financial, aesthetic and ecological value of our clients’ property. We believe in hard work, safety, solid communication and transparent accounting.  We will not leave your job site until we have fulfilled all of our contractual obligations and you are fully satisfied.

Free Consults for Tree Clearing

SAMSUNGV&V Land Management is fully licensed and insured.  We offer free consultations and would be happy to provide you with recommendations and photographs of completed jobs. We also encourage you to explore our website and find out more about our other tree services including: tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, sustainable logging services, stump removal and more.