Local Tree Trimming and Pruning at the Highest Standards

V & V Land Management offers professional tree trimming and pruning services at affordable prices.  We serve both residential and commercial clients in Western North Carolina, East Tennessee and upstate South Carolina.  We specialize in traditional tree trimming and climbing practices as well as mechanical pruning methods.  We believe client education is the best way to sustain and improve our urban forests, landscapes and orchards.  We work one job at a time and will not leave your site until your satisfaction is assured.

Why Traditional Tree Trimming Techniques Are Best

Often expensive equipment and wholesale tree trimming by unskilled labor is substituted for professional trimming technique.  These practices threaten the long-term health of our urban trees, leaving them open to pests, disease and weather damage.  Once a tree is poorly trimmed, topped or pruned out of season the damage is done and can seldom be repaired.

Technical tree pruning. asheville
A High Climb in West Asheville

In many cases, we see trees that are pruned in an unbalanced manner or over-pruned (more than 15 to 20 % live foliage).  Likewise, limbs are often removed too close the trunk (branch collar removal) impairing a tree’s ability to callus and heal.  Sadly, many of the mechanical practices responsible for the degradation of our urban landscapes are more expensive than traditional trimming techniques so clients end up losing twice.

Leave the care of your valued friends to educated professionals who will ensure they remain healthy, safe and beautiful for generations.

Call Us for a Tree Trimming Consult

We offer client consultations and will be happy to assist you over the phone or via email if you have questions regarding the health of your trees.  We are fully licensed and insured.  We encourage you to explore our website and ask for references.