Discover Your Viewscape

Viewscape clearing Asheville
Viewscape: One Year Post Clearing

V & V offers affordable and experienced viewscape clearing services including: forestry mulching, residential/commercial tree work, invasive vegetation removal and low-altitude aerial photograhy.   At V & V, we believe sustainability means doing it right the first time.  Viewscape management is more than simply chainsawing trees and chipping brush, it is a unique skill requiring silvicultural knowledge, ecological sensitivity, safety and a full understanding of landowner goals.

For many mountain residents the quality of their viewscape is the single most important criteria in home or site selection.  We will work to maximize your viewscape potential while preserving the health and integrity of both your trees and habitat.  There is usually a very specific task order that should be followed for each viewscape clearing.  Failure to do so inevitably costs more and yields poor long-term results.

Important Considerations For Viewscape Clearing

gorgeous V & V boulder garden and viewscape in near Asheville / Fall 2015
New View Clearing and boulder Garden, Weaverville

In haste to obtain dramatic viewscapes landowners rarely get the information they need to formulate wise strategies.  Considerations such as increased solar gain, habitat, fire risk and weather impacts, as well as effects on remaining vegetation and drainage, are seldom thoroughly considered.

Many homeowners unwittingly clear mature hardwoods from view sheds without thinking about impacts to wildlife habitat, especially songbirds.  They also fail to consider the tangle of successional vegetation that arises in the absence of a shade canopy.  Still others are left with damaged, diseased or inappropriate trees.  We believe all potential impacts should be thoroughly discussed with you before work begins.

Let us Help you Maximize Your Viewscape Potential

technical viewscape clearing Asheville NC
Refining a View, Asheville

Whether your viewscape entails a bit of thoughtful pruning or demands large scale mobilization and removal we are here to help.  Our tree professionals are knowledgeable about regional silviculture and forest health and will develop a cost-effective strategy for improving, creating or maintaining your viewscape.  We are licensed and fully insured.  You can feel confident about having us work in the immediate vicinity of their most valuable possession – their home.  Give us a call for references and photos.  site evaluations are free in our basic service area.         We Do Not Top Trees!