V&V Provides Superior Slope Stabilization

 Freshly poured retaining wall / asheville
Freshly Poured Concrete Wall, Monford

Slope stabilization is often a major component of construction projects in the mountains.  Done correctly, money is well spent and future problems are avoided.  Sadly, this is often not the case.  Slope stabilization is given short shrift because it often seems expensive when compared to tasks more immediate to the home or business.  Only when failures happen do most people truly grasp the importance and impacts of proper slope stabilization.

Address slope stabilization issues during planning phases, long before earth moving activities begin.  There are numerous options at various price points available for most sites.  V & V provides complete consulting, design and construction services for all of your slope stabilization needs.

Learn About Slope Stabilization Before You Build or Buy in the Mountains

new boulder wall in Clyde NC
Circular Boulder Wall, Clyde, N.C.

Slope failures are responsible for more than $1billion of damage to public and private property every year.  With inconsistent rainfall in the Southeast in past years this number is steadily rising.  In nearly all cases water is to blame.  Volatile geological and soil complexes reach failing points when they become saturated.  Slopes become heavy as water displaces air and they begin to slide.  To compound matters, many slides happen behind homes or along driveways constructed on unsuitable soils.  Often, poorly compacted or adulterated fill materials become saturated and allow water to seep out and loosen soils.  To learn more read our post on Land Planning.

Many homes and driveways in the mountains are built on soils that are merely “over-burden’ on rock.  When these sites fail, staging, clean-up and stabilization can be difficult and expensive.  The bottom line: folks who choose to live in the mountains need to become much more educated about slope stabilization.  They shouldn’t assume their architect or contractor has thoroughly addressed these issues.  Often in competitive bidding situations slope stabilization is given short shrift.  Put another way, there are currently thousands of failing sites in the Southeast that will require mitigation in the next decade.  Don’t let yours be one of them.

We Provide Common Sense Solutions to Difficult Problems

New MSE wall in Asheville
Verti-block retaining wall. ASheville

Let us help you before problems arise.  V&V employs qualified and experienced geotechnical and civil engineers, as well as reputable product manufacturers, to design slope reinforcement strategies that are attractive, durable, safe and cost effective.

We provide “hard” stabilization solutions from rip-rap and boulder wall reinforcements to poured concrete and engineered retaining walls (MSE or Mechanically Stabilized Earth systems).

We also offer “soft” solutions such as erosion control matting, turf reinforcement mats (TRMs), sediment tubes and hydroseeding.  If you have an unstable or failed slope call us.  We will spend the time it takes to work with you towards a permanent and cost effective solution.

correct ditchline armoring and bank matting
Fresh Slope Armoring and Matting, Tryon