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Wow! We’re impressed! We have several acres of former pasture that had been neglected for many years. It was totally overgrown with Virginia and short needle pine, oak and rendered impenetrable by briars and brambles. Br’er Rabbit couldn’t find his way through this mess. A local tree farmer made us aware of forest mulching, but had no one to recommend. However, after some searching on the internet we found V & V. Frank & Carrie Vogler provide first class service in every function of their business beginning with prompt, effective communication.
Frank is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic proponent of all elements of forest management including native species conservation, restoration such as we had done, grading and erosion control. Frank, Ben and Tim spent the better part of two days clearing a large tract of our property and what was especially revealing was these folks really enjoyed what they were doing. Part of that can be attributed to the fact they had a new piece of equipment to test. Nevertheless their professionalism, showing up on time, doing exactly what they said they would do and the care they demonstrated working in confined areas to protect trees marked for preservation was outstanding.
V & V Land Management is the kind of business we all hope to find when we get ready to invest our scarce resources in a project.
Phil Crowell Easley, SC