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Hi Carrie –

I hope all is well with you and the family.  Sorry this testimonial is so late, but hopefully you can make good use of it.  Feel free to change whatever you think needs to be changed.

I recently purchased several acres, some of which was inaccessible due to years of thorny overgrowth.  Clearing this vegetation with a bulldozer would have disturbed the topsoil and created a pile of vegetation that would need to be burned after it took time to dry.  While searching for an alternative, I came across V & V Land Management on the internet.  From their website, I learned about their ability to turn problem vegetation like this into an asset, specifically mulch.  Over three days, John cleared all of the thorny brush, leaving only mulch that will decompose naturally over the next year or two and create valuable nutrients that the new pasture grasses will make use of.

I couldn't be happier with the result.  John cut all of the vegetation flush with to the soil.  Next season, I'll mow whatever comes back and eventually, grass will replace the brush, giving me another 4 or so acres of pasture land.

Wendell Dennison