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Dear Frank,

Thank you! For years I’ve tried to clear our wooded hill-side property by hand – a long and arduous undertaking. Over time, despite my best efforts, underbrush and thickets were taking over. Once beautiful old trees were being choked out by evermore invasive vines. The task seemed overwhelming. We consulted lumber companies, but they wanted to take all of the mature trees in addition to clearing the land. Stumps and branches would remain piled up for us to remove on our own. I’d seen sites cleared by traditional methods and was always disappointed by the scalped appearance it left.

So, when I happened upon your website describing mulch clearing, I was intrigued to say the least. As I investigated more about it I knew mulch clearing was for us. Your rapid response to my inquiry was greatly appreciated and I was so impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm for conservation forestry and tree preservation – so refreshing. Your staff was knowledgeable and professional as well.

Frank, we are absolutely thrilled with the results! Our hill-side property now has a park-like appearance with healthy tall old trees standing sentinel over mulch-covered ground. Our neighbors are pleased as well. We’ve noticed several passers-by slow down to look at the property and two have actually stopped to ask us about your service. Of course we’ve been pleased to give them your contact information. Thank you again for helping us to reclaim our little patch of woods! See photos attached.

Kindest Regards,
Kerry Johnston