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I was amazed at how quickly the process went. It was not only fascinating to watch but it prevented damage to the land.

I didn’t like the idea of having to cut down trees, but knew these trees had to come down to give us more sunlight and because they where beginning to die and would fall towards our neighbors house, but with Frank’s methods and techniques it felt really responsible to the environment, safe and really made the most of the land.

I love the way the trees are instantly mulched so they can be given right back to the earth and enrich the soil. No irresponsible burning of trees, no red mud, no run off, no depleted soil. Because of this, my hillside was growing grass in three months without fertilizer, or any other treatment!

Frank has an amazing knowledge of land, nature, plants and trees and was very helpful in his consultations. He was a resource that helped us achieve our goals, while protecting the land.

At first glance, the previous, more invasive process that people have used in the past might seem cheaper, but by the time you add up the cost of cutting down of the trees, setting the usable logs aside, mulching the brush and small trees or having it burned or hauled away since permits are expensive and harder to get these days, as well as the cost of silt fences and installation labor; not to mention having to treat the red mud and stripped soil, you will always come out cheaper with Frank’s work.

Sarah Eshan