It is just that simple….and thankfully for us there is an abundance of rock work and stonework in the Appalachian mountains and surrounding area, creating an outrageous variety of choices for homeowners at costs much of the rest of the country could never imagine.

Beautiful Rock Work Makes a Property Extraordinary

Nothing sets your home and property apart from the ordinary as much as a well constructed hardscape.  And we do mean well constructed.  Rock work is hard work and not for the feint of heart.  When you hire V&V to design and build your hardscape you can be certain you are getting the best that money can buy.  You are getting something completely unique and timeless.  So timeless in fact we guarantee our rockwork until the end of time.

Choose from Simple Rock Work to Intricate Dry Stone Masonry

From monolith retention structures to simple builder arrangements we are dedicated to service of stone, to the time honored traditions of dry stone masonry, to hard work and to your satisfaction.  Rock work is about     and the adherence to      and well understood principles.  It is much more than being able to stick a few rocks on top of each other with a track hoe.  What passes for rock work in our services area is general a disgrace, and more to the point it won’t stand the test of time

Get References and Client Testimonials for Our Expertise in Rock Work

Do you homework.  Find out what sets fine dry hardscape apart from what often passes for most rock work. Call us.  isit previous jobs, speak with our clients the first principle of integrated land management is education.  It begins with you.  It is the foundation of good stewardship and the assurance you will get a solid and beautiful hardscape.