V&V Crafts Timeless Boulder Walls From Native Stone

wall build2
Penrose Granite Boulder Wall Mid-construction

V & V Land Management offers visually stunning structural and decorative boulder creations for businesses and homeowners in the Southern Appalachians.  From simple entrance arrangements to massive structural retaining walls and staircases, we use local materials in the service of ancient craft to dramatically improve the beauty and function of your home or business.

In addition to working with reputable landscape architects we provide complete design services, including drafting.  We handle our own site preparation, permitting and engineering (when required) and re-vegetation.  We also provide lifetime craftsmanship guarantees on finished installations.

Not All Boulder Walls are Created Equal

rock steps
Curved Wall With Cantilevered Stairs

Stone is a common construction material in the Southeast.  Sadly, most local boulder work is of marginal or poor quality.  Many boulder walls lack appropriate footings, drainage, backfill or other necessary construction fundamentals such as broken joints, correct “hearting” and  appropriate battering.  Each year many boulder walls that should have lasted for centuries fail as a result.  In fact, many of these are walls in name only.

Most failed walls were providing necessary structural retention, drainage and /or landscaping and can be costly to demolish and re-build to appropriate standards.  It is imperative that homeowners and builders alike understand what makes a boulder wall both attractive and durable before choosing a masonry provider.  Having an excavator and a large quantity of stone is not enough!  As a rule, if your prospective contractor cannot demonstrate or discuss correct methods for splitting large stone they are probably a poor choice.

We Want You to Visit Our Projects

Boulder wall , Highlands NC
Re-built Shot Granite Wall

We will take time to educate you regarding correct wall engineering and craft. We will help you choose from among the regions outstanding array of native materials.  We will help you design a boulder creation that truly fits your home or business.  You will find our communication, professionalism and technical skill unmatched in the field.

Call us, we relish the opportunity to educate you about the craft and show off our work.  We can even help with landscape design, irrigation and lighting.  Let us work together to create a unique  boulder creation that lasts forever.