As we are privileged to spend our working lives outdoors improving land, we occasionally turn our skills towards land purchases, sales and even trades. We are committed to the preservation of rural land and living and generally do not subdivide but rather restore farmsteads, mountain land and equestrian properties. Our properties are listed on this site as soon as we have them so restoration is sometimes negotiated into sales. We often offer owner financing at percentages below bank rates. Our goal in service is to create ecstatic customers. This mission holds true for our land sales as well. We want to work with landowners to mutual benefit and will do everything in our power to ensure buyers not only end up with good rural land but also the skills and knowledge to manage it. We willingly assist with nearly all aspects of land planning including home and road placement, pond building, fencing, underbrushing and timber management, dry stack masonry etc. Our properties are a source of pride for us in a world where land is often nothing more than a commodity, changing hands without knowledge of the land or real investment. We think the transaction deserves more respect and commitment. We are, after all, nothing more than stewards passing our legacy on. If you would like to visit rural land for sale, call us, put your boots on and we’ll take a hike.

We currently have two properties for sale in East Tennessee. We are not represented by realtors or agents. Both can be purchased through creative owner financing agreements, at rates at or below bank percentages, with at least 20% down. We are looking for buyers interested in rural living and will offer assistance in important areas of land planning. We will endeavor to inform buyers of not only our property’s positive attributes but also deficits.

46+ acres in Sevier County TN (on Wilhite Road)

This property is 10 minutes drive from Newport TN and 25 minutes from Sevierville. We purchased this abandoned farm in 2006. At the time it was an impenetrable snarl of briars and downed timber, but none-the-less retained some of the imprint and charm of its former state. We found signs of row-cropping, a former moonshine still (testament to pristine spring water), showy patches of iris and daffodil on the old homesite, wild peach trees, and many native food sources such as watercress, ramps, morels and chanterelles. The property had been poorly subdivided for auction some years earlier. We resurveyed the eight lots into seven in a manner that generally conformed to the natural contours of the land. It is long and narrow in shape, and generally divided such that the higher portions consist of home sites and the lower consist of fields. We are open to selling this property as a whole or resurveying it to accommodate an individual buyer’s wishes as we believe it will make an excellent farm or equestrian property. In 2007 we installed a county spec road from the public road frontage to the back of the property, at the foot of English Mountain. The road is surfaced with gravel, in excellent condition and serves all lots. The property also has septic approval for all lots.

This property faces east to south and boasts incredible views of the Smoky Mountains and surrounding countryside. It has two creeks and three springs. In addition the acreage is abutted by other rural property owned by local families in good standing.

In 2008 we constructed a dry stack stone wall and locust post entrance from materials found on the property. We removed pulp and also cut in the first two driveways. There is still much to be done before the property is turnkey, so we’ll be working on it as our schedule permits. We hope to mulch Virginia pines along the road, and seed areas that performed poorly in the drought year 2008. This property would make an excellent family compound and mountain farm with house locations near but not too close to one another.

Our current asking price is $451,000.00.

Please contact us if you wish to visit or discuss this property. We can literally tailor this land to your specific needs and desires.

Del Rio TN – 107 acres Flat Branch Road

This property is located between Newport TN and Hot Springs NC in the beautiful remote Del Rio Valley. The property generally faces east with knolls allowing for both southern and northern views and a ridgeline view of distant English Mountain and beyond. In fact the property has spectacular views into NC from a variety of possible home sites. The acreage has several hundred feet of frontage on both sides of the public road though 105+ acres are on the west portion of Flat Branch Road. The property gently rises from Flat Branch Creek itself and formally had many acres of excellent grazing and planting land. The lower fields are forested with pulp quality timber ready for removal. The upper portions contain healthy stands of 100+ year old oak and mature poplar. Most of the property is easily reachable as there are over two miles of good roads cut in by the previous owner. We have tentative plans to begin removing pulp this year and can easily dovetail our pasture renovation with the desires of a prospective buyer. This is an excellent piece of land with good neighbors including the National Forest. We will consider subdividing the property into two sections but not more. This property is near to our own farm. We have spent a great deal of time enjoying its many attributes, and its outcome is important to us. We would love to work with buyers to return this land to sustainable productivity.

Current asking price $471,000.00