V & V is a unique resource management company, and the first of its kind in the Southeast. Capitalizing on years of expertise in various mountain trades and management fields, V & V provides partnership based services and consultations for those seeking a more integrated and responsible approach to their land needs. We strongly believe progressive resource management should work in harmony with both a landowner’s immediate goals and the long-term requirements of our fragile bioregion. Our mission is to mimic the efficiency and genius of our natural ecology, replacing wasteful and damaging technologies with practices that are simple, sustainable and economically viable. We specialize in restorative solutions, providing a nexus between Old World wisdom and emergent technology. In working with us, clients are presented an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of their land. Whether a 1/2-acre lot, or a 500-acre farm, at V&V we accept the challenge of proving how satisfying and affordable sustainable land management practices can be. We believe in the time-honored business values of good communication, superior service and customer satisfaction.

Website Purpose

While we have your attention it is worth taking a moment to discuss the purpose of this website. Of course one of the more apparent goals of this website is to connect with potential and past clients. It is our proverbial stall in the internet cybermarket. What may not be so obvious, are our other goals. We believe that what you do on and with your property is probably the greatest impact you will have on the earth in your lifetime. Nearly all our beautiful mountain and foothill lands bear the influences and impacts of their past human inhabitants. From arrowheads to logging chains, we can clearly see humanity was here, so to speak. And much of what we see is not so good. The earth is showing signs of depletion and degradation unprecedented in known history. It is currently estimated that 2700 species perish into extinction, what Gary Snyder called the “end of birth”, every year. Nearly 6 million acres of rain forest disappear to corporate logging each year, while topsoil, literally the skin of the earth, washes into the ocean damaging streams, rivers and estuaries along the way, at a rate of millions of tons per year. The point, although bleak, is not to create a mood of hopelessness, but rather to encourage action. Continue reading our Website Purpose.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the greatest value to our clients through flawless communication, professionalism, transparency & old-fashioned hard work.

We believe the decisions you make regarding your land are the greatest impact you will likely have on the earth.

We believe in educating you so you can help us forge solutions that mimic the efficiency and genius of Mother Nature, solutions that work in harmony with both your immediate goals and budget as well as the requirements of our fragile bio-region.

We believe in progressive technology and endeavor to offer the most sophisticated planning, restoration and development solutions available.

We believe in proven methods and common sense.

We believe in integration, and that the more contractors and steps removed from a process the better and cheaper the outcome.

We believe we have the right to be paid fairly for a job well done and that our employees have the right to a living wage.

We believe in treading lightly and that the first step in sustainability is doing the job right the first time.