How to Recognize the Right Piece of Land

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Aerial photo in winter

If you’ve recently bought rural land or are investigating a purchase, our property assessment services may be of great assistance.  The majority of those currently buying “raw” land have never owned, developed or managed property before.  The number of factors determining the value, suitability and development costs for a given piece of land is vast and often unapparent to those with limited experience.

Many buy land that has been recently logged without a clear idea of what cleanup will entail.  Others assume that a property with flowing water in March and April has a “year-round” stream or spring.  Many fail to look just beneath their feet at another seriously important issue, soil quality.  Most people underestimate the cost and impact of invasive vegetation removal.  Still another frequently encountered problem is access.  Good roads are vitally important to safety, enjoyment and budgets – beyond home construction, access usually constitutes the largest expenditure landowners face.  Add to these issues and others the complexity of their interrelationship and the whole thing becomes quite tricky.

Don’t Wait to Make a Mistake Before You Contact Us For a Property Assessment

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Mapping Provides Your Starting Point

Our property assessment services provide many of the necessary tools you will need for investigating, negotiating sales or purchases and improving your property.  Our services are affordable and can be tailored to your individual needs, rural or urban, specific or informal.  From digital mapping and aerial photography to timber and soil assessments to historical research, we provide resources to help you move forward confidently.  We can also provide you with reputable engineers, architects and builders, as well as linking you with appropriate municipal and state agencies.

Land Assessments Tailored to your Needs

Some of our clients merely need an exploratory “walk in the woods,” but for those requiring more thorough and sophisticated analysis of a property’s potential, such as developers, ranchers, habitat managers or aspiring farmers, customized property assessments can set the course for success.  Assessments save time and money by broadening your perspective and resources.   Although aspirations evolve over time, a good initial property assessment will remain a viable tool and for your progress.

Call us. We want to help you select, develop and manage your land.