Consider the Value of a First Impression

New Driveway Newport TN / Real estate presentation
New Driveway – Newport Tn

Real estate that sells is attractive, accessible and shows off its best features.  More than a decade of forestry mulching experience has proven that groomed lots sell much more rapidly than overgrown lots.  In addition, clearing costs are usually recouped, post sale, often many times over.  A poor real estate presentation means you pay more for continued maintenance, more in taxes and spend more time on the market.

A common scenario entails property, purchased either for investment or future development, left untouched for multiple seasons.  Often property owners are absent and unaware their land has gradually become an impenetrable thicket of multi-flora rose, privet, saplings and other vegetation.  Realtors are hamstrung by such properties and cannot successfully advocate for their sale.  They have no choice but to shepherd “reduced” offers to their clients.  Sadly, this cuts the other way as well.  Buyers who purchase brushy properties without good access and/or visual inspection leave themselves open to a variety of unpleasant surprises.  From invasive vegetation, dead trees and erosion to boundary and access issues, few offer cheap fixes.

V&V Offers Complete Real Estate Presentation Services

V & V Habitat improvement
Back yard habitat improvement

V&V Land Management has perfected the “real estate presentation”, maximizing our client’s budget by highlighting the primary selling features of their property.  Our hand crews, forestry mulchers and traditional earth moving equipment can be tailored in any combination to recover and improve roads, viewscapes, potential house seats, creek/lake/river frontage, and other areas of interest.  We identify and treat invasive vegetation, often establishing seasonal protocols for particularly difficult species such as kudzu and bamboo.  We can clear and/or excavate walking paths to allow potential buyers easy access to a property’s most useable and enticing spots.  On larger acreages, usually five or more, clients often opt for digital map packages or low altitude aerial photography or video.  Increasingly, digital imagery is playing an important role in successful residential and commercial real estate sales.

Professionalism is the Key to Good Real Estate Service

Real estate presentation/ forestry mulched lot
Mulch cleared lot – Tryon NC

Communication and accountability are essential for clients who are not physically present.  V&V maintains constant telephone or email contact with remote clients, updating progress daily and providing before, during and after photographs.  We work directly with realtors or other representatives.  Over the years we have worked with most of the leading real estate companies.  On many occasions we have even been passed from seller to buyer to continue the land development process beyond the sale.  We feel our commitment to the land allows us to honor both buyer and seller and contributes to a kinder, clearer, and more accountable process.

Call or email for more information on real estate presentation.  We will return your inquiry promptly.