Educate Yourself About Retaining Walls

For many homeowners in our region some type of retaining wall is imperative to the structural integrity, drainage, access and social function of their home.  For correct retaining wall design and function the interplay of many issues such as costs, performance, aesthetics and resale value all come to bear in a way that can seem overwhelming.  Add to that required engineering, permitting and often-rigid HOA guidelines and you have the recipe for serious confusion.  Let us help you navigate the choices available so we can design and build the retaining wall that best suits your home and lifestyle .  From component walls (MSE or Mechanically Stabilized Earth) to boulder creations to poured concrete we can help you make sense of the available options in a manner that fits your needs and maximizes your budget.

A Retaining Wall is No Place to Make Mistakes.

Verti-block wall in progress

Each year our company alone devotes over 30 percent of our excavation workload to costly mitigation projects, many of these retaining wall failures.  Soils and weather in our mountain region are notoriously volatile, while permitting requirements are insufficient to ensure performance and longevity.  In addition, contractors usually know more about home construction than structural retention and often cut corners to soften budgetary overruns.  Consider that a wall failure usually entails three times the cost of a correctly installed wall – it assumes the cost of the original wall, the cost of demolition and clean-up, and the cost of the new wall.  We have never had a failure of any kind and take great pride in the correct execution and durability of our walls.

Start Your Retaining Wall Project by Learning the Facts

Boulder Retaining Wall, Highlands
Boulder Retaining Wall, Highlands

Educate yourself by giving us a call.  We know the available information can be confusing.  We will take the time to thoroughly assess your site, consult with reputable engineers and help you with construction options and materials choices. We firmly believe thorough planning equals good visualization, and that efficient staging is essential for budgetary constraint.  Let us help you with your retaining wall.  Initial consultations are free in our service area.