Rock and Water features Change the Way You Experience Your Home

Cascading water and coy pond

One of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your outdoor living space is the tasteful addition of a hardscape or water feature.  Rock and water designs can literally transform your yard into a verdant oasis, an intimate gathering place for you and your family among the regions abundant flora and fauna.  V&V rock and water designs are living creations that provide the opportunity for endless hours of relaxed gardening, lively social interaction and quiet reflection.  As one client recently confessed, “I find myself pulled to the patio…..Watching the world wake up or settle in for the evening with a cup of tea and the sound of water really helps break the grip of my busy day”

 Water Features are More Than Just Landscaping

Spring enhancement

Rock and water designs are one-of-a-kind creations.  Following the tenets of our unique stewardship philosophy (Integrated Land Management) each design and installation seeks to employ the available resources and attributes of your property.  Slope, aspect, light, water, rock, soils and native vegetation are integrated and enhanced through thoughtful design to achieve dramatic outcomes.  These durable creations add disproportionately to the value of your home.  They provide abundant habitat for native plants, birds, butterflies, reptiles and small mammals.  Often our rock and water features have valuable structural functions as well, multi-tasking as terraced gardens, drainage features or slope reinforcements.  We perform all of our own design, planning and site preparation to ensure absolutely consistent quality and accountability throughout.

Please call us to learn more about our rock and water designs and how integrated land management can help you save money while dramatically improving the value and living experience of your home.