One of the most regrettable impacts of large-scale corporatization is the homogenization and loss of community it has brought to American cities and towns. Fast food chains and big box retailers now replicate freely across the urban and rural landscapes on sweetheart tax incentives putting family business, regional craftsman, trades-people, and traditional markets out of business. Jobs are shipped to cheap labor markets in other countries while the quality of goods plummets.

We believe in the virtues of small business and the positive impacts it can have on community and social interaction. Small business owners live, work and raise families in the communities they serve. They have an inherent interest, not only in making money, but also in the affairs and evolution of communities everywhere.

Creating Community with Rural Arts Workshops

For this reason we’ve decided to offer rural arts workshops in various locations in North Carolina and Tennessee. These workshops will be conducted by skilled local tradespeople, teachers, and craftsmen and women. Openings will be limited to small numbers and will be extremely hands-on.

Workshop Topics

Workshop topics currently include: basic chain sawing, beekeeping, traditional dry stack masonry, introductory natural horsemanship, permaculture and yoga. This will be a new offering for 2010 and topics may change as the season progresses. If you are interested or would like to be considered as a potential instructor for a rural arts workshop, enquire through the website or call. Fees are variable and will be divided between host sites and workshop conductors. No materials or tools will typically be required. Help us in taking back our communities, and lets have a good time doing it.