Good land management starts with a good plan, and a good plan starts with a good map.  Digital resource mapping is the foundation for planning and management, especially on parcels above five acres.  Map sequences are inexpensive and pay for themselves almost emmediately, much like blue prints in home construction.  We’ve become so accustomed to working with map files that to do otherwise now feels like a step back in time.  We know you will feel the same way.

Combining Data for your Digital Resource Maps

We combine information such as; aerial photography, topographic, soils and GPS data with your existing survey to build customized digital maps of your property.  Surveys only show boundary lines in two dimensions.  When we rectify your survey with existing elevation data we can create a digital contour map which offers a three dimensional perspective. This is a powerful and essential planning tool that allows an accurate topographic overview of your property.  We can also produce simulated aerial views of your property from any point above your property.

Mapping allows you to quickly locate building sites, roads, trails and viewscapes as well as important habitat information such as streams and wetlands.  Digital mapping is invaluable for determining previous land use.  Old roads, ponds and home sites, as well as forestry and agricultural practices are readily apparent on well-executed map sequences.  We will also provide as much information as you need to assist interpretation.  After all, a map in only as good as your ability to use it.

Get the Right Digital Contour Maps for Your Project

Professional land planners, foresters, and developers have used digital mapping for years.  With recent advances in technology mapping tools are now affordable and available for everyone.  We expect these advances will make significant contributions to improved planning and field standards in the coming years.  Many of the costly mitigation issues we routinely encounter could become rare occurrences if mapping is widely adopted.  These include poorly sited houses, steep and failing roads, occluded property access, destructive timber harvests etc.

Enormous amounts of money are wasted on expensive custom drawings and engineering for projects that aren’t feasible.  With mapping technology we are able to provide basic resource planning for any project prior to major investments.  The basic digital contour map is the first step to unlocking your land’s potential.  It’s an affordable service that literally puts everyone on the same page and allows planning to begin long before expensive surveying, engineering and permitting are required.  Important information is available sooner and with greater clarity, especially for those working from a distance.