Dry Laid Stone Walls Provide Dramatic Structural Solutions

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Dry laid stone walls are among the most enduring and attractive man-made features of the Appalachian mountains.  Early settlers, and native inhabitants before, used local stone to fence livestock, terrace gardens, and build homes, wells and spring houses.  These venerable traditions were passed down over many generations. A surprising amount  of it remains.

As a local company specializing in commonsense solutions to landowner challenges V&V believes dry stack stone work is still among the most sensible improvement strategies available.  Both our hand-laid and machine stacked walls provide a nexus between function, rustic elegance and history.  Incorporating natural materials such as boulders, field stone, timbers and native plantings into traditional masonry practices we create dramatic social, sacred and gardening spaces while providing permanent solutions to soil retention and drainage issues.

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Stone Walls are Among our Favorite Offerings

There is perhaps nothing as satisfying as creating something beautiful and enduring.  Stone walls are hard work, demanding physical fitness, knowledge of craft and specialized tools.  Each stone must be shaped quickly and fitted in accordance with time-honored walling techniques.  Each wall is a unique accomplishment.  We consider our stone walls to be our legacy and are dedicated to expanding awareness regarding the tradition.  There are currently very few companies offering correctly constructed dry laid stone work in the country.  We hope we will be remembered as one of the best.

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Please call us!  We love to show off our work.  We pride ourselves on good communication and dedication to proper planning and can assist you with your wall design, materials choices, appropriate landscaping, lighting etc.  We look forward to educating you regarding the fundamentals of traditional dry laid masonry.  Our design work is clear and affordable.  In addition, we are fully equipped to execute our own site preparation, materials handling and engineering.  All of our installations are accompanied by a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee.