Erosion Control is Your First Line of Defense

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Hydroseeding Fresh Grade Work

Two of the greatest financial costs and environmental impacts associated with land disturbing activities are erosion and sedimentation.  Fines as large as $5000 per day, per offense, can be levied against those who fail to follow relevant sediment and erosion control practices.  Erosion control requires thoughtful planning before earth moving activities are undertaken.  Excavating contractors must account for the volume and condition of the water leaving the site, both during and after construction.

You need a clear understanding of your contractor’s erosion control strategy from the outset.  It is worth your time to learn the basics about erosion control.  At V&V, we offer a wide variety of erosion control solutions such as: Siltsox, DOT-approved Fiber Bonded Matrix, Concrete Cloth, geotextile fabrics, and photo-degradeable matting, as well as traditional techniques such as silt fencing, brush berming and armoring.  We believe grading is only effective if it lasts.  After all, we all live downstream.

Forestry Mulching for Erosion Control

Presuming that grading activities have been carried out correctly, the solution for nearly all erosion control problems is ground cover (re-vegetation/mulch).  If adequate ground cover is established, the chance of erosion is minimized and usually negated entirely.  Mulch, such as that produced by forestry mulching, is as good as any ground cover available at dissipating the impact and flow of rainwater.  Mulch is the beneficial by-product of our clearing technology, so no additional erosion control costs beyond initial clearing are incurred.  Mulch, unlike the delicate grasses associated with fresh seeding, can withstand repeated traffic without significant reduction of erosion control capacities.  mulch can also be bermed behind required silt fencing to bolster its effectiveness.

Conventional Clearing and Erosion Control Measures Cost More

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Fresh Mulch Protects Topsoils

In conventional clearing practices, those employing bulldozers and track hoes, biomass and topsoil are removed leaving exposed ground open to weather and erosion.  For this reason erosion control is installed beforehand, per engineer specifications, as a high additional expense.  Furthermore, these installations require constant attention to maintain compliance, driving costs even higher.

Because engineer approved sediment and erosion control plans are required, via the Clean Water Act, by anyone grading an acre or more, and even less in many municipalities, it makes sense to consider forestry mulching as an alternative clearing method.  You will save money and achieve  better long-term results.  If your engineer is unfamiliar with forestry mulching, it is in your interest to educate him/her regarding our services.

We Offer Professional Matting Solutions

Where mulching is inappropriate and re-vegetation is immediately necessary, we offer professional hydroseeding and matting solutions.  We educate our clients regarding matting products and strategies so they can be assured they are getting the best value for their money.  Often we see other contractors substitute inexpensive and inappropriate products such as straw matting for more effective ones such as coconut or wood fiber blankets (Excelsior and coir blankets).  Another common shortcut is the use of cheap fertilizers and hydro-mulches.

We understand that for erosion control measures to be a good value they must perform for the requisite period of time and not just while your contractor is on site.  Blankets must also be chosen according to the speed at which they bio-degrade in order to avoid becoming an inconvenience and environmental issue. We use only quality, value oriented products appropriate for your site.

We Guarantee Our Hydroseeding Results

We have successfully hydroseeded hundreds of acres on many different terrains

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Correct Site Stabilization

in the Southern Appalachians.  Our hydroseeding blends and amendments are customized for each site taking into account soil types, available sunlight, slope, season and overall aesthetics.  We use only wood mulch blends in our mixes (FSC Certified when available), which are far superior to commonly used paper products.  In addition, we guarantee our hydroseed results and will return to repair any areas that fail to establish if we are at fault.


V&V Personnel are Clear Water Contractor Certified, and Also Certified by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.