Why Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding asheville
Fresh Hydroseed, Downtown Asheville

Re-vegetation is a necessary component of nearly all grading and excavation, especially road building and home construction.  Re-vegetation is essential to stabilize your site and preserve your investment, it is also the law for land disturbances of an acre or more.  In fact, many municipalities now have even more stringent re-vegetation requirements.

The fastest way to effectively re-vegetate is hydroseeding – the sprayed application of seed, fertilizer, mulch, tackifier, dye and other essential nutrients such as lime.  Hydroseed often reaches full coverage in less than half the time of traditional seeding methods,  It can also be successfully applied over a wide variety matting products, as well as on steep slopes.

Our Hydroseeding Strategies are Customized for Site and Season

fresh hydoseding, knoville, tn
Protecting New Road Construction, Bibey Tn

Our hydroseeding strategies are developed for each unique site, taking into account: slope, soil types, available sunlight, season, maintenance and overall aesthetics.  Hydroseeding in the mountains requires skill and experience to be successful.  It’s a lot like baking, get the method wrong and the outcome will be failure.  We’ve seen competitors cut corners with ingredients or use them incorrectly, to extremely poor effect.  We’ve also seen that many recent advances in the field, such Fiber Bonded Matrix mulches (FBM) and Mycorrhizael and Humic Acid amendments, are not yet being effectively used in our service area .

We have the expertise and will take the time to educate you about hydroseeding on your site.   We use only the highest quality fresh seed and 100% wood mulch products in our slurries,  We also offer follow up maintenance such as lime and fertilizer treatments, as well as soil improvement applications such as; mycorrhizae, humic acid and fish hydrolysate.  We even offer guarantees for successful coverage to ensure clients receive good value.

We Have Hydroseeded Hundreds of Acres with Near Perfect Results

hydroseed East tn
Hydroseeding in Jefferson City

We are constantly experimenting with innovative products such as Flexterra and Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) wood mulch, which are moving the industry closer towards sustainability and peak performance.  We also provide Native Grass installations for those working towards restoration goals.  Native grasses can greatly enhance an ecosystem while providing superior long term soil stability.  Our results speaks for themselves.  If you wish to discuss hydroseeding or visit one of our sites please call.  We will help you in any way we can.