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Informal “English” Perennial garden

For many builders and homeowners landscaping is an afterthought when compared to the daunting task of new home construction or remodeling.  We strongly believe this should not be the case.

Your landscape is your outdoor home.  Money spent on well-integrated landscaping and stone work pays you back in unimaginable ways.  Thoughtful landscaping and stonework provides not only attractive plantings and usable space, but also dependable drainage, structural retention, improved habitat, privacy, improved access, higher equity and even fresh food.

Good landscaping should not require harsh regimens of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.  Landscapes should be in harmony with native ecosystems, and while periodic maintenance is essential we don’t think your landscape should demand expensive weekly oversight by herds of unskilled laborers clad in two cycle engines.

We Love Designing Dramatic Landscape

New Garden, Swannanoah
New Garden, Swannanoah

We can attend to nearly all of your needs without subcontracting.  We offer complete design services, earthwork and materials handling, as well the finest dry-laid stone work in the Southeast.  We are partial to the use of native materials – granite, field stone, warm season grasses, mosses and ferns – ingredients that restore and enhance native ecosystems.  We also love landscapes with a strong sense of seasonal evolution that remain bold and surprising throughout the year.


Good Landscaping and Stone Work Equal Good Site Design

When a well-designed landscape plan is incorporated into home construction from the outset the entire project proceeds more smoothly.  Appropriate landscaping is part of the function of the home itself and equals good site integration, and site integration is what most homeowners truly desire.  They want their landscaping to make their home fit naturally into the surrounding ecosystem.  They want it to compliment and improve the feel and function of the home, and they want it to be manageable.  This begins with education and design and ends with flawless execution and accountability.

Let V&V Integrate Your Home into its Surroundings

garden wall near Asheville. Fall 2015
Boulder Garden, Weaverville NC

At V&V we specialize in the use of native materials; stone, wood, water and indigenous flora.  We also enjoy working with modern design elements such as steel, glass and concrete.  We create and enhance outdoor space through the thoughtful integration of structural and decorative stone designs and appropriate plantings.  Our goal is an intimate and attractive landscape with simple maintenance, structural durability and a sense of seasonal evolution.

We Believe Your Landscape Should Not Swallow Your Budget

We welcome jobs of all sizes and offer a service-based approach low on design costs and high on execution.  We perform all of our own earthwork, tree care, soils conditioning and invasive vegetation removal.  We are happy to assist with your irrigation and lighting needs as well.  We believe our results speak for themselves.  Learn more about our unique holistic approach (Integrated Land Management). For all of your landscaping and stonework needs, call V & V for a free consultation or on-line portfolio today.