Commercial and Residential Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm damage and disaster cleanup demand preparedness, coordination, safety and the ability to work creatively as situations arise.  At V&V we have the experience to be effective, regardless of circumstances, weather or terrain.  stormdamWe maintain large and small-scale mechanical mitigation capabilities as well as skilled tree professionals.  We frequently work in multiple states simultaneously and are accustomed to rapid mobilization and repairs.  In addition, we offer daily billing services and will happily work with your insurance provider to speed the recovery process along.

Forestry Mulchers are the Obvious Choice for Storm Damage

cat299Because of the aggressive nature of the process our machinery is equipped with additional safety features allowing us to work in dangerous and tangled material.  In addition, our unique carbide-tipped forestry mulching heads are capable of radically reducing trees, brush and debris to mulch.  Our machines are light and agile and can work in confined areas, providing access and tractable footing for ground crews, emergency personnel and other equipment.  Our operators are trained on multiple pieces of gear, as well as on the ground, maximizing flexibility, response time and oversight.

Planning is Essential for Storm Damage and Disaster Cleanup

Storm damage cleanup requires planning.  We maintain full Short 3D renderingGIS/GPS capabilities and can provide on-site computer modeling and low altitude aerial photography services if needed.  If you call about storm damage you can expect a prompt and thorough response.  We are licensed and insured and provide a full array of storm damage and disaster related services from mulching and debris removal to earth moving and tree work.  Call us and you can expect a rapid response!