Tree Removal Demands Serious Skills

Felling a dead locust
Felling a Dead Locust

Tree removal is not only a dangerous and highly technical skill, it is a practice that requires good stewardship and well-developed aesthetics.  We’ve performed hundreds of successful tree removals in compact urban environments demanding the greatest care and foresight.  We strive for minimal impacts on existing lawns and landscaping and will not leave your site until you are completely satisfied.  We work only one job at a time and have never had an on-site accident or injury.  In fact, we have never received a single complaint.  V&V Land Management is fully licensed and insured.

Tree Removal Assessments

Felling tree in TN
Clearing for Additional Pasture

We believe in educating our clients so they can participate in the tree removal process.  It is to everyone’s benefit to know more about the health requirements and various habitats of our region’s trees.  It is often important to know what factors contributed to a particular tree’s demise – disease, incorrect care, trauma, age, inappropriate siting etc?  In this way appropriate future care choices can be made.

Often the removal of one or more trees affects viewscapes, neighbor relations, habitat and the viability of adjacent trees and landscaping.  Clients should be aware of these implications before work is initiated.  In the event that tree work is part of broader land improvements we will be happy to offer related services; or we will work directly with your chosen providers to ensure correct sequencing and task completion.

We Believe Experience and Technique are Superior to Muscle

Bucking off a felled tree, Knoxville Tn
Ben Cuts a Timber Crown

We strongly believe in the integrity and cost effectiveness of traditional tree removal techniques.  These practices are less equipment intensive, relying instead on the climbing, rigging, take- down skills and hard work of seasoned professionals.  They are also less invasive and tend towards a much smaller impact zone and lower costs.

If your project does require a more industrial approach we offer crane and bucket work strategies, as well as whole tree chipping and stump removal.  Give us call.  We will be happy to provide you with recommendations.  We respond quickly and offer free assessments in our primary service area.