Site Development in the Mountains is Tricky Business

Without proper planning and assistance site development in the mountains can be difficult and needlessly expensive.  We live and work in a highly desirable area where land is often purchased impulsively and without adequate inquiry regarding soils, grades, drainage, climates, access, invasive plants etc.  To compound these issues, many property owners are unaware of stringent permitting that necessitates geotechnical certification, grading plans and specific site development and architectural guidelines.  Add to this HOA bylaws, and starting a home construction project in the mountains can seem almost impossible.

We Can Ensure Your Site Development is a Success

site development- Hendersonville
Commercial Site Prep. Hendersonville

V&V specializes in residential site development and project support.  We understand the challenges you will face and will provide clear strategies and guidance to move your project smoothly forward.  We insist on the highest standards of communication and will keep you thoroughly informed as your project evolves.

In addition to experienced, in-house, consulting and landscape design, we offer all the surveying, geotechnical, civil and structural services you will need as well.  We will help you build the right team to maximize communication, speed, visualization and accountability.  We can work directly with you and your architect or designer to ensure your project is a success from beginning to end.  We can even complete your permitting for you.  And this is just the beginning.

Consolidating planning and Execution saves Time and Money and Prevents Mistakes

Imagine working with a reputable company that provided all the relevant services required to complete your site development, all the way down to finished landscaping – without sub-contracting!  Now imagine this company is the same company that guided your planning and site development from the start.  This is the heart of our approach – Build an experienced team of that includes YOU.  Close the communication gap.  Consolidate planning and execution.

Site Clearing, Fairview
Clearing a New Site Fairview,

This is the reason our projects are not only successful but also yield considerable time and cost savings.  It’s a commonsense way of working borne from years of costly and difficult mitigation work.  Each year we fix bad mistakes for good people who should never have had to contend with major wall, slope and driveway collapses, foundation and drainage problems, dying trees, right of way and access issues, and virulent invasive plants.

Don’t make avoidable mistakes.  Get everything right on the front end so you truly end up with the home and property you want.  Call us before you begin your project.  You’ll discover a company that values professionalism, hard work and transparency as much as you do.