Why Choose V&V For Your Site Preparation?

Site Prep For Barn, Asheville
A New Barn in Progress

V & V sets the stage for successful construction.  We employ the most cost-effective and sustainable methods available, combining the best conventional grading and erosion control strategies with new technologies such as digital mapping and forestry mulching.  In addition to “in house” service support we provide complete design assistance, including surveying and engineering…. all the way down to finished landscaping!  We will even complete your permitting!  This allows you to consolidate your planning and execution, save time and money, and maximize communication and accountability.

Don’t Make Site Preparation Mistakes

Site prep is often an expensive and poorly considered component of the construction process.  Ultimately, site preparation heavily impacts many of your new home’s essential features including: foundation integrity, drainage, access, privacy, slope stability and landscaping.  Site preparation also has a dramatic influence on resale value.

It is not enough to simply rely upon your builder or the accuracy of your site plans.  You need qualified and experienced professionals to assist you in planning and executing your site prep.  Mistakes, although commonplace, are difficult and expensive to fix once your new home is constructed.  Call us before you Begin.  We’ve designed and executed sites for many of the areas most reputable builders, and on some of the most demanding and technical terrains.  We will help you feel comfortable with the process right from the start.

Proper Site Prep Planning Saves Time and Money

stabilized site preparation in east tn
Fully Stabilized New Home Site

Take your site preparation seriously!  Poor site prep can ruin the appeal and livability of an otherwise attractive home, as well as needlessly damaging the surrounding environment.  The practice of presenting house plans without full elevations or grading plans, although common, contributes to mistakes and major cost overruns.

We recommend most of our clients have fully designed building elevations and grading plans before they commence grading activities.  For those building in designated steep slope or geologically unstable areas this is a minimum  permitting requirement.  Visualization is essential for everyone involved from  start to finish.  A little money spent up front on proper design will save you big money once boots and tracks hit the ground.  To learn more about correct site prep check out, What is Site Preparation?

Good Site Integration lowers Costs and Maximizes Property Potential

Vertiblock wall. asheville
New Verti -Block Wall. Elk Mtn.

There are numerous possibilities for every site, each demanding careful consideration.  The home should “fit” into its environment.  This fit is largely determined by your site prep planning and execution.   Whenever possible design your home to take advantage of natural land contours so that earthwork and material costs are minimized.  We will take the time to explore your property’s available options, familiarize you with permitting and steep slope requirements and thoroughly review your house plans.

Benefits of Mulch Clearing for Site Preparation

V & V land manament/ site clearing
Opening a New Building Site

In recent years all Southeastern states have tightened permitting and regulations related to conventional land clearing.  In many municipalities, disturbing more than a quarter acre of land requires a permit.  Nearly all open burning is now regulated or prohibited.  Hauling and dumping are fiendishly expensive.  Developers and homeowners alike are fully aware of the costs and hassles associated with clearing in restricted communities and subdivisions.

As the difficulties of conventional land clearing practices continue to grow, a cheaper, more practical technology is rapidly replacing them – mulch clearing (forestry mulching).  Mulch clearing is an excellent compliment to conventional site prep and lot clearing.  First, mulching equipment literally reduces biomass to mulch, making its own tractable footing as it goes.  The delicate topsoil layer is left undisturbed so site impacts are drastically reduced.  Second, there is no burning, hauling and no need to seed immediately.  Finally, no permitting is required.  Call us to learn more.