The Future of Stream Restoration is Now

Invasive plants removal

Our streams and rivers are the earth’s veins and arteries, an ancient and indispensable filtration and circulatory system with a primary role in sustaining every aspect of life.  Just as with the body they provide direct feedback on our cultural beliefs and practices, technology and evolution.

No home, farm, community, or city can be truly healthy if its waterways are degraded.  Although we are slowly waking to this realization after centuries of ignorance and abuse, the damage has been done.  The amount of work and money needed to restore our waterways to health is staggering.  To overcome one issue is to confront another.  From erosion and sedimentation to pollution and invasive vegetation, each problem is deeply interconnected.

Imagine a World of Healthy Waterways

Stream restoration is always a multidisciplinary effort requiring thoughtful planning, precise execution, creativity and sustained monitoring.  V&V specializes in stream restoration primarily associated with agricultural and logging damage.  These pursuits, along with mining, were granted exemptions under the statutes of the Clean Water Act and remain largely unregulated.  Despite improvements in these fields, industry ‘push-back’ and a culture of intransigence has slowed the pace considerably.

So common are deeply incised, undercut and eroding banks, blanketed in invasive vegetation, that many of us haven’t considered that it should be otherwise.  Likewise, we assume that a bare stream running in a perfectly straight line through a valley of hay fields is quaint and ‘natural’ – Usually these streams were former wetlands or meandering watercourses incised and straightened for row cropping and animal fencing decades ago.

Learn How Integrated Land Management Simplifies Stream Restoration

Road failure resulting from incised banks

V&V assists in all aspects of stream restoration including, education, mapping, design and permitting, as well as routine maintenance.  Working in step with our unique, stewardship-based philosophy of Integrated Land Management  we will help you streamline and consolidate planning for your project, regardless of size.  More importantly, we provide unmatched earthwork services including: mechanical grubbing, channel contouring, armoring, and stream bed reconstruction.  We also offer customized strategies and services for invasive vegetation removal, erosion control, hydroseeding and native planting.  Call or E-mail to learn more about stream restoration in our area.