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It was a pleasure working with V&V Land Management from the initial contact through each step to the completion of the project.  Everyone was thorough and cordial.  In my line of work I work with contractors regularly and few communicate so well with their clients.  V&V Land Management communicated very well each step of the way.  I was particularly impressed with the site work and coordination involved on the ground.  

Andy and John were great to work with.  We had our residential lot under brushed.  We left select trees in place and trimmed branches about head high to create a 'park look'. Each person on site communicated well to ensure we got the end result we were after. Immediately after the work was complete we had a very heavy rainfall.  Part of the site that was under brushed is about 18% grade.  We had no erosion loss from the site.  

We are very pleased with the results and have received numerous compliments from family and neighbors.