New road (Black Mtn. NC)

Nowhere is road construction more complicated, demanding and expensive than in mountainous terrain.  Many factors must come into consideration if a mountain road is to be a long-term success.  These factors include: grade (steepness), soil conditions, drainage, visibility, compaction, erosion control, re-vegetation and surfacing.  Add to that necessary permitting and engineering and perhaps a handful of subdivision by-laws and the whole affair can seem overwhelming.

Call us before you begin.  We are not only committed to building exemplary roads, we are committed to client education, solid value and flawless communication.  You will not find another company  with more successfully completed roads or greater dedication to client satisfaction.  From simple farm roads to fully paved subdivisions, V & V is your quality guarantee.

Road Construction is Costly, Do it Right the First Time!

Road building, Black mountain
New Road Corridor, Black Mtn.

Nowhere is our belief  “Do It Right The First Time” more essential than with road construction.  Nearly half of our road projects involve repairing and/or redesigning poorly built roads, especially driveways.  These re-dos are costly, time consuming and, in many cases, unavoidably inferior to roads built correctly from the outset.  It is unwise to take anyone’s assurance that they know what they are doing and can “build ya a good road for cheap” just because they own equipment.  Maintaining a poor road can quickly become more costly and inconvenient than the entire initial construction phase.

Planning is Key in Road Building Projects

road work (before seeding)
New Subdivision Road. sevierville Tn.

Road construction involves planning.  We’ve provided simple planning and educational tools (watch our road building tutorial) so our clients can be assured of the success of their projects from the outset.  We have repeatedly found simple measures like soil assessments and digital mapping to be essential.  These useful tools pay for themselves many times over during construction phases, while also providing landowners with valuable information about their properties.


Minimize the Environmental Impact of your New Road Construction

Roads are not just costly, they have high environmental impacts.  Hundred-plus year old road cuts still mar most of our ancient mountains.  Many of these have contributed to permanent alterations of native ecosystems.  Sadly, standards have only marginally improved while the might of modern hydraulic machinery has exponentially increased damage potential.  If you are considering a road building project, do your homework, visit prospective contractors’ previous jobs, both old and new.  Become familiar with basic local guidelines and permitting.  You will not only end up with a good road, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.