“ The name for our proper connection to the earth is ‘good work,’ for good work involves much giving of honor.  It honors the source of its materials; it honors the place where it is done; it honors the art by which it is done; it honors the thing that it makes and the user of the made thing.”
-Wendell Berry

Welcome to a New Way of Thinking About Your Land

Its our mission to present the most thoughtful, skilled and professional land services available anywhere.  In addition to our unmatched field work and “heavy lifting,” we provide complete land planning for residential and small commercial clients in our area.  This means you have access to some of the South’s finest architects, engineers, surveyors and geologists under a single roof.  Your project, large or small, can evolve cohesively, with greater speed, better communication and planning, and the highest degree of accountability in the industry.

Underbrushing Asheville
Forestry Mulcher in Action

Build a team, plan and move forward!  This is the heart of good value, and the basis of our approach.  When planning and execution are effectively consolidated there is less room for error; communication, scheduling and quality gaps are closed, and time and money are saved!

 Your Land is Your Canvas

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Native Bluestem in Stone

Over the years our evolution has been greatly assisted by our impassioned clients, by their dreams and dilemmas, and by the the hundreds of acres we have the walked, worked and improved.  We hope to bring you further into the process, to work with you as much as for you – continuing to provide dedicated planning and service, while forging solutions that marry innovation, common sense and hard work.

Good Land Management is a Universal Goal

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Fall Viewscape

Our field is in its infancy and standards are low.  Your educated participation is the fulcrum.  A lot of what currently passes for sustainability is baby talk and “green washing.”  Recycling plastic is important but pales in comparison to the impact your land decisions have on the Earth.  Whether you own a quarter acre or a hundred, your land is your opportunity to shape your goals and dreams within the limitations and rhythms of our delicate bio-region, one that includes you.

The Rewards are Yours

Whether you simply want a single tree removed or a 10 acre lake, knowledge is king.  For this reason we’ve provided a basic tool set to help you, Integrated Land Management.  Put simply, learn, plan and do it right the first time.  Mistakes and waste still epitomize most land services.  Each year we assist in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of avoidable mitigation – poor site preparation, collapsing walls, failing driveways, destructive logging, and on and on.  The best value for both you and our fragile planet is, and has always been, the educated and judicious use of available resources.  The future will continue to embrace this basic truth.

This website is for you.  Learn, get excited, roll up your sleeves, go outdoors and start building a healthier relationship with your abundant and magical planet!… Call us if you want some help.  We take great pride in our aspects of our work and provide unmatched land planning and service.


Forestry Mulching & Restoration

Forestry mulching is the single step process by which undesirable vegetation – trees, brush and stumps – is ground into mulch by mobile machinery. The mulch is generally spread as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area. There is no burning and no stripped and scarred land.

Unlike other clearing methods forestry mulching leaves no brush piles, and there is no burning or scarred land.

Tree Services & Forestry

Professional forestry and tree care services from technical tree removals, pruning and complete material reduction to full scale timber harvesting. We also offer professional site assessments and guidance, including the services of one of the regions most respected professional licensed foresters.

Grading & Excavating

Residential and commercial grading & excavating services including: road building and driveways, home-site and landscape preparation, environmental services, retaining walls, ponds and more.  We believe our clients should expect solid communication, technical skill, and professional attention to detail.

Landscaping and Stone

Good landscaping should not require harsh regimens of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.  Landscapes should be in harmony with native ecosystems, and while periodic maintenance is essential we don’t think your landscape should demand expensive weekly oversight by herds of unskilled laborers clad in two cycle engines.

Land Planning

Thorough and informed land planning is one of the greatest cost saving strategies you can adopt. It encourages you to visualize your property and organize multi-stage goals in a systematic way. Good land planning allows you to view your property and its attributes from a variety of perspectives from development to recreational space, from habitat to resource management.