Tree Services & Professional Forestry

V & V Land Management offers professional tree services and forestry management in Asheville, Knoxville, and surrounding areas.  Services include: technical tree removal and pruning, chipping and material reduction and small scale timber harvesting.  We also provide expert site assessment and guidance, including the services of the regions’ most respected licensed foresters.  Our comprehensive forestry background and land management expertise allow a variety of options unavailable to most residential tree companies.  This gives you solutions that accord with your specific circumstances and budget.

Whether you need emergency tree removal, long-term residential tree care or wish to establish a timber management plan for your property, you will find our communication and execution second to none.

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Tree Care Professional

Tree pruning in Asheville NC
Tree pruning Asheville NC

Experience has repeatedly shown us that forestry and tree care services are among the most inconsistently priced and poorly executed of any in the land management industry.  Often homeowners pay high prices for unnecessary equipment and procedures.   In some cases, service providers are operating in an unsafe and careless manner, exposing homeowners and property to unnecessary risk.  It’s essential that your tree care provider has good silvicultural knowledge, a well-trained staff and rock solid communication skills, in addition to verifiable insurance coverage.  You may not know if your tree care efforts were successful until well after the job is done.

V&V offers Courteous and Affordable Tree Services

We pride ourselves in good communication and Job-site precision.  We work one job at a time, and are consistently able to under-price and out-perform the competition in virtually all tree-related fields.  Whether you require a crane and large scale mobilization or the removal of a single tree, we work with unmatched precision, striving for minimal impact and perfect clean-up.  In addition, we are fully insured and maintain a 100% safety record over years of experience and technical removals.  We are happy to provide insurance certificates upon request.

Tree removal Weaverville NC
Tree removal Weaverville NC

If you have an emergency please call or complete a website contact form.  We maintain emergency preparedness at all times and will do everything in our power to assist you immediately